Pregnancy YogA

Pregnancy Yoga in Brook Green Prenatal Yoga Hammersmith

In the Prenatal/ Antenatal Yoga class, students we will go through a series of movements (asanas) to create a feeling of space in the changing pregnant body, relieving aches and pains (such as back pain).  The asanas will help build physical and mental stamina for  labour.  Mothers-to-be will learn how to use the breath and visualization techniques to help both the body and mind relax in preparation for their birthing experience.  This class is also open to women who may have never practiced yoga before and to pregnant women who are beyond their 12th week of pregnancy.

The Prenatal Yoga class is also a great way for mothers-to-be to meet other women in similar life stages and provides a support group.

I teach Prenatal classes in Brook Green at Yoga Studio 39 on Fridays (6.15pm to 7.15pm) and also privately.