I started learning yoga in my early 20s when I was studying in the UK.  Following my studies, I found myself caught in the rat-race of the finance world, either hunched over a computer or traveling to far flung places. My husband and I then decided we wanted to move to Asia and the stars aligned with work, we decided to take the plunge and move. During the 8 years in Singapore, I practiced yoga more and more regularly with some amazing teachers, fell pregnant and discovered Prenatal Yoga.     Along with hypnobirthing, Prenatal Yoga helped me to have a beautiful pregnancy and labour. Two more children quickly followed suit, and I found myself juggling a busy job, three kids, an even busier husband. I think I kept it together largely thanks to my regular yoga practice.  It was the time I had 100% to myself.  

Over coffee one day a great friend told me to make my "little dream", a BIG dream and the rest is history.  I'll let you guess my "little dream".


·      200 hour Ashtanga/ Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Tirisula Yoga in Singapore.

·      Has studied with highly sought after Ashtanga teachers including David Swenson, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor and Tim Feldmann.  

·     Certified to teach prenatal yoga having studied under the guidance of Nadia Narain at Triyoga in London.

·    Certified to teach kids yoga following training at Triyoga in London.

I would like to thank past and present teachers for their support and guidance.